Scientists: live music saves from stress

Ученые: живая музыка спасает от стресса

British scientists came with a new opening: salvation from anxiety can be found in the concert hall.

The positive impact of music on the human body open for a long time. For example, it is proved that classic enhances cognitive abilities. British scientists went further and studied the effects of live sounds on the hormones.

According to the website Medical News Today, in 2014, a British researcher Daisy Fancourt came to the conclusion that music affects various systems of the human body. But then, he conducted experiments with audio recordings, but has now decided to measure the level of hormones after a live concert.

In the 117 volunteers were sent to the concert hall to listen to the music of composer Eric Whitacre. Measurements taken before and after the speech, left no doubt: the participants in the experiment, it was observed a significant reduction of cortisol, called the stress hormone.

However, don’t discount the fact that Whitacre is a choral conductor, working in the classical tradition. What happens to the audience at a concert, for example, hard rock is unclear. But Fancourt promised to answer this question by conducting experiments in other styles of music.

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