Scientists have found that can tell about the man his voice

Ученые выяснили, что может рассказать о мужчине его голос

Experts from the US has shown a direct link between tone of voice and the opportunity to move up the career ladder in men.

Here sit you on the first date and wonder: “how safe is MCH?”, “What is he?”. Scientists from the US think about this for us, ladies! And gave a good tip: just listen to his voice!

About Swiss Bank account Yes difficult childhood, he, of course, will not tell. But the character of the young man and his prospects in life – completely. For example, it is known that men with lower voices more power-hungry and, as a consequence, a faster climb up the career ladder.

In order not to be unfounded, the researchers analyzed the behavior of 259 women and 175 men. Each of the volunteers were asked to read the text, which was estimated by 15 listeners on a seven-point scale of attractiveness, but also for the prospects to have a romantic relationship.

Expected female volunteers considered low male voices as the most sexy, and men considered them more power.

However, digging into the results of research, scientists have found one peculiarity: the connection between voice and authority is statistically significantly stronger than the same dependencies regarding beauty. And this, incidentally, is also a explanation, writes The Guardian.

Low voice men from ancient times used to intimidate competing males. This has provided a strong half of mankind with a low voice could not even use guns for murder, the head of research, David Putts.

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