Scientists: early rises do the people from the crazies

Ученые: ранние подъемы делают из людей психов

The American experts have proven that the need to get up early has a negative impact on the nervous system.

Yes, we remember that wisdom calls to get up with the sun. Larks and, of course, to argue this is not. But owls probably agree with science, which, on the contrary, advises not to go against your biorhythm…

Recently, scientists in Texas conducted an interesting experiment. They examined a group of several hundred volunteers and came to the conclusion that if people do not like to get up early, but is forced to do because of work / school schedule, he does not feel at ease. The jet lag weakens the nervous system and can lead to serious consequences to the point of depression.

Therefore, scientists suggest employers take into account individual characteristics of people. You can, for example, to organize the working process in two shifts or at least allow employees to shift the start of the working day several hours later.

By the way, recently fans to sleep longer encouraged by the British. Fellow, Oxford University Paul Kelly conducted a study in schools. In the experiment, the start of classes was postponed from 8.30 to 10.00. And found that while student achievement has increased dramatically! And those students whose lessons began at hour later came at them with good humor and even better learned the material.

Kelly explains that with only 10 hours, a man begins to work in normal mode, the vital organs – the heart and the liver. If to keep myself busy before, this has a negative impact not only on health but also on physical and mental health.