Schwarzenegger does not spare money on gifts to a mistress

Шварценеггер не жалеет денег на подарки любовнице
The actor is not going to issue a divorce with his wife.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Heather Milligan


70-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger does not bother the 27-year-old
the age difference with his mistress — Heather Milligan. After all, he still
feels cheerful and energetic, so when it comes to physical
exercises, he is ready to give those who are much younger. The actor has proved it once again recently, when
gave his beloved Cycling in Milan, where Arnold came from
Heather to rest. Milligan had to make an effort to keep up with
your boyfriend. One of stops of cyclists made at the Gucci boutique. There Svartsengi chose for his beloved is not cheap
gift — handbag on a chain and a half thousand euros.

Schwarzenegger recently made a stir by announcing to reporters that he is not
going to finish the divorce with his wife and mother of his four children, Maria Shriver. In this case, as
according to friends of the couple, Maria has long wanted to dot the “I”,
that is, to complete one of the “long” divorces in history
Hollywood. It began in July of 2011 year, when Shriver filed for divorce —
after learned that her husband was not
only cheated on her with his mistress, but also became the father of her child — Joseph. Arnold
then loudly repented and begged me to forgive him, but Mary remained steadfast.

As for Heather Milligan, a physical therapist by profession, she
Schwarzenegger met at the gym strengthened, despite the age,
still steel muscles. They began to meet in 2015, and since then,
reportedly living together. However, to transfer the relationship with
Milligan to a new level — that is, to propose, Arnold, in all
likely, not going. Therefore, the official divorce, he doesn’t need.