«Шрамы не украшают!» Анфиса Чехова спасает сына
TV presenter wants to spare their child the scar on his forehead.

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov in whatever was wanted to preserve the beauty of his only son to be “intact”. When Solomon was very young, he fell heavily and smacked his forehead. A reminder of the fall — the scar on his forehead — in any way did not give rest to the mother and she decided to get rid of it. The most effective method to date for solving such problems laser. Such drastic measures against 5-year-old Anfisa would not, but after learning that there was a patch of scars, she wanted to try.

“The scars adorn men, say — said Anfisa. But I do have a little boy who, when he learned to walk, “attacked” a fairly noticeable scar on his forehead. And when I found out that there is a special patch, I decided, what the hell, I’ll try the scar on your forehead, to reduce. A course of 3 months, should apply 1 time per day or overnight. We have a month sleeping with the patch and I see that the scar was not as pronounced. Already looking forward to the result after 3 months!”

Appearance for Solomon can be very important. The boy is growing, and every year on character traits and inclinations becomes, unsurprisingly, more similar to parents: this is what bothers Chekhov. Star is afraid that Solik choose the profession in the world of show-business or movie.

“Solomon has a good ear and voice, as well as a great sense of rhythm and unique dance style, — says the star. And I am very afraid that it, too, as mom and dad, pull to be an artist”.

However, while Solik, despite their inclinations, dreams of other professions. “He wants to be a paleontologist or an astronaut, preferably at the same time — smiling artist.