Scarlett Johansson will get $ 15 million for her role in the Marvel movie

Скарлетт Йоханссон получит 15 миллионов долларов за роль в фильме Marvel

Earlier, the actress couldn’t get the same fees as their male counterparts. Now everything begins to change and the first step made famous Marvel company. Scarlett Johansson will receive a record fee for the role in a solo project about a superheroine Black widow.

$ 15 million that receive Scarlett comparable to fees of Chris Evans for his role in “Civil war” and Chris Hemsworth for the painting “Thor: Ragnarok”. Changes have occurred not only in budget but also in the team. To remove a solo project about a character Johansson will be the Director of Kate Shortland, whose candidacy they picked from 70 applicants.

But not all Actresses currently receive such fees. For example, brie Larson will pay about $ 5 million for his starring role in “Captain marvel”. However, things will get better. The actress has signed a contract for a series of films about your character.

Recall, after the divorce of Scarlett Johansson with her husband, insiders said that the reason was a rapidly growing acting career, which she paid too much time. The star of Marvel’s “the Avengers”, where she played a Black Widow, it is necessary to combine a career and raising a young daughter, Dorothy rose, which may also have contributed to the marriage. But, the full impact of the work had borne fruit and now in the annual ranking of highest paid Actresses, according to Forbes, took Scarlett Johansson with an income of 40.5 million dollars.

Thanks to the filming of the movies about the Avengers actress has earned money and popularity. Scarlett even surpassed angelina Jolie. Her list got second place with earnings of $ 28 million. Most of the amount consists of fees for shooting the second part of “Maleficent”, which was stopped.

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