Scarlett Johansson surprised Parisians “gourmet” popcorn

Скарлетт Йоханссон удивит парижан «гурманским» попкорном
The actress has found a way to cope with the crisis in his family life.

Scarlett Johansson


31-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson recently made
the unexpected statement. She, along with her husband is going to open in the French capital
new shop for gourmets. It would seem, than still it is possible to impress the residents
Of Paris, which many consider the culinary capital of the world? But Scarlett found the
surprise sophisticated French — she’ll feed them made by her own
recipes … popcorn!

Buyers culinary “boutique” actress
will be offered a range of quite unusual for this product
tastes: here you can try popcron with the aroma of Parmesan, sage,
strawberries with whipped cream, maple syrup and
even truffles! This “menu” of Scarlett, which she just loves popcorn
developed with the support of famous chef will Horowitz. How to claim
new venture Johansson may well be commercially successful,
since France recent wave of fashion for American food.

As for most Actresses, for her, this
the idea was a real boon, allowing Scarlett to get rid of depression
from which she suffered recently. The fact that Johansson, which two
years ago became the wife of French journalist Romain Doriana, since
most of the year living in Paris, the birthplace of her husband. And, as repeatedly admitted
actress, she’s not too accustomed to this city.

French perfectly she never
developed new friends here not made, the husband gives a lot of time working. Besides
well, Johansson suffers from nostalgia. From all this her relationship with her husband began
to deteriorate rapidly. A new culinary idea, she helped to raise her
mood and to restore mutual understanding with your spouse. Besides, the actress is
satisfied that her “gourmet popcorn” will be a symbol of friendship between Paris and her
beloved new York.