Scarlett Johansson reunited with her husband!

Скарлетт Йоханссон воссоединилась с супругом!
The actress is extremely puzzled by their fans

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dorak

Photo: @justjared Instagram

Scarlett Johansson completely baffled
their many fans. The fact that she appeared on
one of the social events of new York, holding the hand of his wife yet
Romain of Doriana, which is currently divorced. At the same time in
the behavior of the actress was not a shade of irritation, and the face shone
a contented smile. Moreover, the actress graciously agreed to pose for
of the camera, putting an arm around Roman’s waist! These pictures appeared
in particular, on the website

This turn of events
brought all into confusion: after all, Scarlett just started a divorce with her husband. As
it was reported that she was with him a real war for custody of their only daughter, 2-year-old rose. And in this battle both sides are not spared of “colors” to expose
each other in an unfavorable light. For example, the lawyer Roman said from the person
his client that the child should be given Doraku because Johasson no time to deal with her is clearly more interested in their own career. On this basis
Dorak was going to pick up the child and take it to France.

Sudden display of friendliness from yesterday fiercely quarreling
spouses sparked rumors of reconciliation Scarlett and Romain. Do
the actress suddenly changed her mind to part with her husband, time will tell. However
many continue to doubt, after all, shortly before the announcement of the divorce she said
clear enough: the actress called in a monogamous relationship “deistvennye” and
admitted that she is an incredible effort to remain faithful to one partner.