Scarlett Johansson officially acknowledged his affair with new boyfriend

Скарлетт Йоханссон официально признала свой роман с новым бойфрендом
The actress stopped to hide their love.

Скарлетт Йоханссон официально признала свой роман с новым бойфрендом

Scarlett Johansson


Colin Jost.


Scarlett Johansson first appeared with her boyfriend at a party
hosted by the organizers of the TV show Saturday Night Life. The actress arrived there
along with 35-year-old actor and TV presenter Colin Rostom, did not depart from it
the whole evening, and then left the party at the same time with Colin and went with him to one
car. Moreover, as witnessed one of those present at
the event, Scarlett, in conversation with the guests, called Josta her boyfriend.

In fact, Johansson started Dating Colin last spring — after she met him at a party with mutual friends. However
Scarlett is quite a long time tried not to appear with Gostom in public. She
led a difficult divorce with his now ex-wife Affair
Duracom, with whom she lived in wedlock for about two years. And Scarlett
tried to be careful, as the main “stumbling block” in their divorce was
no division of property, and disputes over custody of the little daughter Johansson and
Of Doriana — rose, which the father wanted to take to his home in France But recently the actress has completed her
divorce, and she was able to defend the child. The girl was left with her, so now
Johansson had nothing to fear.

However, expect that Scarlett will soon go down the aisle with Rostom, not worth it.
Indeed, as recognized by the actress, it is very difficult to maintain with someone else
monogamous relationships, which, in fact, became the reason for her divorce with Doriana.