Scarlett Johansson is fighting for custody of daughter

Скарлетт Йохансон борется за опеку над дочкой
On 7 March, the actress Scarlett Johansson was forced to go to court to start divorce proceedings.

Скарлетт Йохансон борется за опеку над дочкой

In a statement, she said she can’t come to terms with her husband Romain Doriana in the matter of the custody of their common daughter rose.

According to Romain, he did not expect such action from the actress wanted them to be together.

“In their marriage contract spelled out everything except the conditions of custody and alimony, – have told male friends. – It’s not that they are not able to resolve the matter peacefully, and that the most reasonable agreement, Scarlett is not satisfied. She is ready to give rose at the mercy of forensic psychologists, just to insist on his own”.

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