Scarlett Johansson has criticized Ivanka trump

Скарлетт Йоханссон раскритиковала Иванку Трамп

Active participant in the anti-presidential campaign Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has criticized the daughter of the current head of the White house Donald trump Ivanka after her first interview as presidential adviser, she gave the TV presenter the morning show Haile king on CBS.

“I listened to an interview with Ivanka and perplexed. She stated that most of her work no one will ever know because it is behind the scenes. But it’s also a public person who occupies a public position! So they have to work is also open to all we knew about it. It’s like “behind every great man stands a great woman”, but for some reason she can’t come out ahead or at least be near him. I don’t understand why Ivanka, who is well-read, intelligent and well-mannered, prefers to remain in his father’s shadow” — outraged Scarlett.
According to Johansson, personal dislike of the Ivanka she does not feel. It turns out that they are familiar from childhood, because I grew up in the same area of new York city and had many mutual friends.
Recall that last week Donald trump was convicted of giving his daughter more privileges in the form of a personal office in the White house. According to politicians and public figures, she does not deserve this honor. In response, the representative and advocate Ivanka said that this is the only space in which it is located, and the next day came the order for Donald to make her the official Advisor.