Scarlett Johansson had a ball

Скарлетт Йохассон пустилась во все тяжкие
The actress has already started the third boyfriend.

Скарлетт Йохассон пустилась во все тяжкие

Scarlett Johasson


Bobby Flay

Photo: @bobbyflay/Instagram

32-year-old Scarlett Johansson in full
enjoying his newfound status of unmarried women. The truth is some people
believes that the actress has slightly lost the sense of proportion. After all, the new knight, with
which she started to go out, already the third in the last few months!

At that time the actress has opted for
famous in new York for 50-year-old chef — Bobby Flay. With it actress recently
had supper in the romantic atmosphere of the Japanese restaurant Sushi Nakazawa
in Manhattan. And although the representative of the actress has managed to make a statement that
Scarlett and Bobby’s supposedly just friends, in few believers. After all
first, Aktrisa says this first about any of their Boyfriends. And secondly,
at the restaurant, testified that Johansson and Flay behaved very
not friendly and openly flirted.

In principle, in the novel, Scarlett and Bobby wasn’t
would be nothing special. if not for one detail. Because both Johansson and Flay
absolutely free : he divorced his wife in 2015, and Scarlett with her
husband Romain Doriana by this fall. However, Johansson, from the moment
decided to leave her husband, leads for the third novel, and not
sequentially and almost simultaneously. Anyway, after she
started Dating actor and TV presenter Colin Rostom her from time to time
continued to see the former knight — Kevin Yorn. And now she
struck up a flirtation with Bobby Flay, and
however, she did not think to part with
his previous lover — Gostam.
It seems that the actress who complained in the past that it is very difficult
to maintain a monogamous relationship, she finds them unnatural, finally
Dorval to freedom…