Scarlett Johansson for the first time brought out a new boyfriend

Скарлетт Йоханссон впервые вывела в свет нового бойфренда
The actress has admitted his affair with Colin Gostom.

Скарлетт Йоханссон впервые вывела в свет нового бойфренда

Scarlett Johansson


Colin Jost.


Recently Scarlett Johansson has actually established the status of actor and TV host Colin ASTA as her boyfriend, in
first time having appeared with him, as an official satellite to the secular
event. 32-year-old
the actress came with Colin to the Grand celebration of the birthday of comedian
Dave Chapelle held at the trendy TAO Uptown in new York. They
arrived there alone and all night did not depart from each other, openly flirting.
And at the end of the party, and departed in an unknown direction together.

Of course,
Scarlett and Colin were seen together before. But before that, as party a,
organized this spring by the participants of TV show Saturday Night Live, which involved and
Zhost. But then just because they were both invited, although even then
guests noticed that Scarlett and Colin
clearly not indifferent to each other. It
after the party, and there were rumors about their affair.

later, the actress shot down all confused, a couple of times appearing in public with another man
lawyer Kevin Yorn. And although there were rumors that it occurs in parallel and
with Jorn, and Rostom, it turned out that I met Kevin, still wearing a business

After all
in addition to novels and work, Scarlett has other worries. It
divorce Roman
The Doriana, with whom she lived in wedlock nearly three years, has still not
completed, though the actress filed his petition
in court in March of this year. Stone
at issue in this case was the only child Scarlett and Romain —
two year old daughter rose, the custody of which they can not “divide”.