Скарлетт Йоханссон призналась, почему она ушла от мужа
The actress revealed her secret.

Scarlett Johansson Romain c by Doriana


In his
a recent candid interview with Playboу, Scarlett Johansson spoke about the reason
forcing her to part with her second husband — the Frenchman Romain by Doriana. This story appeared on the website eonline.com.

Scarlett and Romain, marriage on the rocks which was
known last month, and got married in the fall of 2014. But as it turned out, in fact, Johansson and Doriana broke up last summer, that is
their marriage lasted less than two years. And, as it turned out, even such
the time seemed very long to the actress. Recall that the first marriage of the actress with Ryan Reynolds, too, was not too long, he didn’t last three years.

“Actually, I find the very idea of marriage is very romantic.
But the trouble is that I don’t feel inclined to monogamy. Moreover, I do not
I think that only one partner is natural for a human.
To maintain this status you need a lot of hard work on yourself. And I
sure that’s true for most if not for all people!” said

“Besides, marriage is primarily a contract that
radically changes the relationship. A couple of my friends whom I have known for a very long time,
met 10 years before you get married. And when I asked them on the first day of their
married life, has anything changed in their relationship, they answered me:
“Everything’s changed!” After all in marriage
the main thing is responsibility, commitment…” says Johansson.

As for her marriage to Doriana, the first all
them it seems to be fine. They married when their daughter rose was a little more than
months, Scarlett was overwhelmed by the joy of motherhood that fueled her
sense the father of the baby. “Pregnancy, childbirth and bringing up her daughter caused
me the deepest emotions that I have experienced in my entire life!” — told
actress. But time passed, and feelings Johansson gradually began to change However…
though the actress broke up with the father of her daughter, and she’s determined to support
friendly relations with him for rose’s sake. After Roman went to considerable sacrifice, he
decided to settle in America because it is here that the parents have decided
girls, she will go first to kindergarten, then to school.