Скарлетт Йоханссон признали самой кассовой актрисой всех времен и народов
An actress far ahead of Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts.

Scarlett Johansson

Photo: Splash News/East news

According to information from competent web site Box Office Mojo, specializing in the statistics of the film industry, actress
Scarlett Johansson during his career, brought the creators of the films in which she
starred, as much as $ 3.3 billion! And
became, thus, the highest-grossing actress of all times and peoples.

Johansson, winner of numerous awards, far ahead of their rivals. So close
just “get” her actress — Cameron Diaz — he earned a total of 3.03 billion, and Julia Roberts, even less is 2.7.

Moreover, Johansson has managed to enter into “mixed”
top ten highest-grossing movie stars that has made a worthy competition not
only the Actresses but also the actors, the fees of which, on average, much higher than
members of the fairer sex.

Of course,
dozens of leaders had been significantly ahead of Scarlett. For example ‘Champions’
this category is Harrison Ford earned for Hollywood about 4.9 billion
and the second in “profitability” actor — Samuel Jackson — 4, 6 billion. However, both are much
older than Johansson: Ford achieved its record to 73 years, and Jackson — 67 mi.
But Scarlett is only 31 years old, she
the youngest in the top ten. And
she’s probably still a long and successful career.

To date, the most successful from the standpoint of fees cinemas
the movie with the participation Johansson-is “the Avengers”. He was released in 2012,
and collected in the American hire 623 million, and in the world — as many as half
billion dollars!

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