Scarlett Johannson was in the epicenter of the scandal

Скарлетт Йоханнсон попала в эпицентр громкого скандала
The actress was caught in the fact that it was “casting” for the role of wife of Tom cruise.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson got into trouble. One of the former security Tom cruise told in live talk show that he personally, with his own eyes Scarlett in those days, when Tom spent “casting” the role of a new wife soon after his unexpected divorce from Nicole Kidman in 2001. A member of the security team of the king of Hollywood revealed that Johansson was one of the many candidates that were considered cruise and his mentors-Scientologists to replace Kidman. As you know, then Katie Holmes has managed to attract the attention of a star and he’s married to her.

Marriage, Holmes and cruise lasted five years, after which Holmes herself has filed for divorce from cruise. Recently over rumors and contract in a divorce with a powerful actor and producer — her silence and no attempt to arrange a personal life in exchange for sole custody of the daughter and the opportunity to teach her in a regular school and not in a boarding school under the auspices of the Scientologists. However, my daughter seems to have long been of the crews is not interested. Unlike Katie Holmes. Suri is the main joy of her life, considering that even now she did not seem able to find the female happiness.

Not satisfied with his life since then, and Cruz. Apparently did not dare to take risks and to re-arrange the casting, or else none of the women did not meet the conditions, which makes Cruz and his commitment to the doctrine of Scientology. Scarlett Iohansson, too, was not too successful. Two of her marriage (to actor Ryan Reynolds and a French journalist, from whom she gave birth to a daughter) broke up. And 33-year-old actress since only changed partners, alternating between a love affair. However, right now Scarlett is particularly disadvantageous scandal that puts her in a humiliating position. Because apparently the actress is ready with a serious relationship with your last boyfriend. No wonder it has become to go out with him in the light and for the important professional ceremony.