Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна In 2017, figures of show business was out, judged and made strong statements. So Vadim Kazachenko continues to clash with his ex-wife Olga Martynova, Timur Eremeev has established a relationship with Spartak Mishulin, and a native of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina survived the persecution and was married after a sensational television.
Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

2017-the year was rich in events, which provoked lively discussions. The whole country still can not forget the resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, whose “popularity” was only reinforced memes and condemning comments. At least out loud shot and the story of the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina Timur Yeremeyev, who proved the relationship with a famous actor. Against this background, several subsided the noise around divorce Vadim Kazachenko, provocative video Alexey Panin, as well as reconciliation Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those. “StarHit” recalls that have occurred over the last twelve months.

The hype around rape Diana Shurygina

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

Diana Shurygina minors raped in March 2016. A few months later the court convicted of the crime 21-year-old Sergei Semenov. Young people were at the party in a country cottage. The case, which occurred in the Ulyanovsk region, would never have interested the General public, if not for the air of “Let them talk” from January 31. In it, Diana told her version of events. The audience noticed too frivolous, in their opinion, the behavior of the girl only vaguely resembles the victim. This marked the beginning of a new TV series in which Shurygin was trying to expose.

After the incident the native of Ulyanovsk became a blogger and started to sell advertising in social networks. Some media articles appeared about “the syndrome of Diana Shurygina” when public allegations of harassment be a way to get fame and wealth. Erupted when the hype has subsided, the girl married a videographer and thought about breast augmentation and musical career. However, the presentation of the debut track Diana did not take place. Diana Shurygina getting married. PHOTO. VIDEO

The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

The program “Let them talk,” the young actor Timur Yeremeyev said that is the illegitimate son of people’s artist of the RSFSR Spartaka Mishulina. Relatives of theater and movie stars never made him a possible heir that was the reason for the filming of several editions of the talk show and the emergence of countless interviews of the conflicting parties. Soon everyone began to get confused, what Timur did not agree with the putative father daughter Karina, and why opponents can’t do a DNA examination.

The denouement of resonant history not long to wait. The final point in the dispute between the children of Spartaka Mishulina put a genetic examination. The results announced in the First channel. “The likelihood that Timur is the biological son of Spartaka Mishulina Vasilyevich, is 99,9999%”, – said the host of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov. The result is that the Karina still managed to take my brother and even introduced him to their daughters.

The Arrest Of Kirill Serebrennikov

Fashionable artistic Director of the Moscow theater “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov was charged with fraud in especially large size. The Director, well known in the circles of culture and art, was placed under house arrest. This provoked the indignation of the fans Serebrennikov, who said that his deliberately harassed. A man is vouched by many famous people – Ksenia Sobchak, Fedor Bondarchuk, Philip, General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin, Yevgeny Mironov, Danila Kozlovsky, Alexander Tsekalo, Natalia Vodianova, Benjamin Smekhov, Stanislav Govorukhin, Sergey Bezrukov, Iosif Kobzon, Zurab Tsereteli, Alisa Freundlich and rapper Oxxxymiron.

Divorce Dzhigarkhanyan and the alleged seizure of the theater

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya seemed quite a harmonious pair, despite the age difference. Fans believed that the people’s artist of the USSR were very lucky with the companion who was always ready to come to his aid and supported at work. That all changed in mid-October, when Armen Borisovich was in the hospital and said that his wife was a “thief”.

In the future, the situation began to escalate and grow into new dramatic detail. Thus, the Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya Elina Mazur called a professional con artist. The woman is attributed the content of the brothel and fascination with dark magic. At some point, Elina decided to leave the game, blaming all the troubles Vitalinu. Now ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan considered it beneath his dignity to respond to the attack Mazur.

Intimate video of Aleksey Panin

Alexey Panin not cease to attract attention. Only the public has forgotten the scandal with the dog, in a provocative video featuring artist. The guardians of morality were outraged and threatened to deprive the actor parental rights. However, Alex managed to restore his reputation: he said that the videos were filmed a long time ago. Then Panin decided to use the scandal to increase the popularity – he became a leading project for YouTube “Hypobole”, started to make clips and even launched a reality show on the Internet.

Continued litigation of relatives Janna Friske with the “Rusfond”

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

It is unknown whether the ends ever endless courts relatives Janna Friske and “Rusfond”. In 2017 with the relatives of the deceased singer, including her son Platon was decided to collect 21,6 million rubles. Representative of the interests of the heir of the actress became her common-law husband Dmitry Shepelev. Broadcaster, and family members Friske, continues to deny accusations of involvement in the disappearance of the money collected for treatment Janna. At the same time the father of the actress Vladimir Borisovich says that the signature of his daughter on the agreement with “Russian aid Fund” is not genuine. Vladimir Friske: “Before the death of Jeanne gave Plato the cross, and Shepelev threw it away”

television transfers

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

Nobody knew how serious changes await viewers in 2017 year. For the first time about the impending reshuffle can be suspected when, in February, the press got the information about the departure of Boris Korchevnikov from the program “live”. Subsequently he headed the Orthodox channel “Spas” and launched the “Destiny of man” on the channel “Russia 1”. Place Korchevnikov took Andrei Malakhov, host of “Let them talk” was Dmitry Borisov. But telerealite not over. Elena Bats crossed with “Friday!” on the First channel “Wait for me” now goes on NTV, “While all houses” to “Russia 1” and “Tonight” run the show Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova, announced the closure of “Alone with all”.

The conflict of Helen Flying with the leadership of “Friday”

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

The star of the program “Revizorro” Elena Flying now is a “flying squad” on the Ground. Care of alabandite with “Friday!” was fraught with scandal. General Director of TV channel Nikolay Kartozia said that according to the terms of the contract Flying had no right to negotiate with other employers. Otherwise, former colleagues Elena had the right to claim 50% of her earnings.

After learning about the claims Cartosio, Fly has released a statement in which he called the situation unpleasant and unfair. Apparently, the conflict was settled – in a recent interview, the head of the canal called the incident a misunderstanding. By the way, the place Helen took actress Nastassja Samburski, previously starred in the project “General cleaning”. “We talked a lot with Nastasia and I, I think, now I know this man’s soul. I’m sure it will be a great “Revizorro”. Honest and principled,” Kartozia said.

Rehabilitation Of Dana Borisova

That Lou Ferrigno can suffer addiction, it was rumored for a long time. Celebsonline Scarecrow fans of strange social media posts, and sometimes behaved not quite adequately. Concerned mother star contacted the program “Let them talk”. Thanks to the help of Andrey Malakhov Borisov managed to save. A celebrity went to a rehabilitation centre located in Thailand. Being in another country, Dana has been able to rethink their behavior and to begin life again without drugs. Now a woman determined to save other people she corresponded with fans on social media and willing to share their own experiences.

Masha Malinovskaya grappled with Dana Borisova in a live TV show

At the same time, Borisova have disagreements with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. According to some, he deliberately limited the communication of This with her daughter Pauline and supposedly has configured the child against the mother. In addition, Feldman was trying to collect from the ex-sweetheart of the alimony on the maintenance of heir.

Beating Elena Ksenofontova

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

In late January, the star of the show “Hotel Eleon” Elena Ksenofontova was shocked by a Frank recognition. The actress said that more can not be silent, and told about the war with the former civil husband Alexander for his daughter and the apartment. According to star, the man not only abusive, but also rigged criminal proceedings against her.

In turn, the husband of Ksenofontova Alexander claimed that his relationship with his wife deteriorated because of her temper. “Sometimes word for word, we were fighting… But if in a normal family that settled it, we don’t have. Elena impulsively often started to beat me. When her older son, Timothy, our little Sonya”, – told ex-the beloved star. However, the public is much more believed fragile actress who, in their opinion, simply could not raise a hand to the man.

Fight Nikita Dzhigurda for the inheritance, and reconciliation with Marina Anisina those

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

In 2016, Nikita Dzhigurda had been a frequent character on a TV show and appeared in the media. A year later, the showman activity diminished somewhat. Perhaps this behavior is due to the reconciliation of the artist with his ex-wife Marina Anisina those. Skater decided to give nick another chance after divorce. The reunited couple shared a romantic photo with the rest, what provoked accusations of PR the breakup. However Dzhigurda do officially divorce with Anisina those.

2017 was also marked by the continued wrangling showman and athlete with the relatives of the deceased businesswoman Ludmila Bratash. At the end of December Nikita said in court that exhausted by constant warfare. The actor was asked about porting one of the meetings, citing health problems – as it turned out, the day before the Army struck a hypertensive crisis.

Lyubov Tolkalina, ‘justified’ harassment

After the influential American producer Harvey Weinstein suspected harassment, all of Hollywood has publicly condemned it. Figure of show-business have lost their jobs and families. According to the tabloids, Weinstein went to heal their wounds in a rehabilitation center. The situation with Harvey led to the emergence of accusations against other celebrities.

While “the dream Factory” was in a fever after a sex scandal, Russian journalists asked local stars, is it possible the recurrence of such in our country. Lyubov Tolkalina suddenly said that “harassment is fine.” The phrase of the actress provoked a fierce persecution of her on the Internet. Tolkalina had to justify and explain what she really had in mind. Weinstein later tried to justify by Andrei Konchalovsky. The Director said that “man is man, woman is woman.”

litigation Vadim Kazachenko ex-wife

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

Star 90s Vadim Kazachenko for more than a year cannot solve the serious contradictions that he encountered with his ex-wife Olga Martynova. The actor and his ex-lover continue to be the center of attention of the public and have become regular guests of the TV show. Each side insists on their point of view and has not yet reached a compromise. According to the latest data, Kazachenko sued Martynova one million rubles.

In December, DNA examination confirmed the relationship of the artist and of the son Martynova. Kozachenko said he was ready to take part in the upbringing of your child and does not refuse him. Currently, however, about the communication between the executor and heir of the question. Apparently, the scandal around the star of the 90s will not subside even for a very long time – not so long ago Kozachenko also discovered illegitimate daughter, and Martynov was suspected of real estate fraud.

The investigation into the murder of the husband of Maria Maksakova

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

Singer Maria Maksakova, who went with her husband Denis by Voronenkova in Kiev, became one of the most popular women in the Network. Users of “Yandex” looking for it more often than Julia Samoylova and Diana Shurygina. The views of the public about Maksakova vary: some consider her “the merry widow”, while others admire the skill of an Opera diva to endure great hardship.

A role in the increasing interest in Mary was played by endless broadcasts on national TV channels – almost all spring on TV was investigating the murder Boronenkov. In this complicated case regularly surfaced new details and there were unexpected turns, which at times was on the verge of fantasy. At one time even had a theory that Voronenkov is alive and had plastic surgery. Maksakova itself refutes this assertion and conflicts with ex-husband Vladimir Tyurin, raising her older children. It was called the alleged customer of murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. “It’s a shock and a personal tragedy”: the reaction Maksakova on the murder Boronenkov

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна“My [Denis Boronenkov] not enough time, and I know he had the same. Only he always told me that he loves me more and that I will have the occasion to verify this. I had to please him: “Denis, I would like to die in your hands”. He said, “Masha, I will not be able to do that, everything will be different”. I cherished every moment, cherished every moment…” – said the singer.

Non-admission of Russia to “Eurovision”

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

It was said that on “the Eurovision” there will go one of four possible contenders – Nyusha, Elena Temnikova, Alexander Panayotov, Daria Antonyuk, or the staff of the Turkish SOPRANO. However, in the end, the participant of the international vocal competition from Russia was Yulia Samoylova, who participated in the third season of the project Alla Pugacheva “factor a”. Diva noted singer a gold star.

Julia was giving interviews about how happy she is, and admitted that her childhood dream finally came true. But then Samoilova was denied entry to Ukraine because of the performances in the Crimea. Stars in a unanimous rush stood up for the actress and TV channels refused to broadcast the contest. The winner of the show was the Portuguese Salvador Collected, and then, in 2018, the “Eurovision” will be held in Lisbon. We already know that it will go Yulia Samoilova.

Showdown in the family of Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

It is known that Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina difficult relationship with her daughters Olga and Anastasia Voronina Francisco. Women are recurring characters of the TV show on the air that share their version of the causes of the conflict with the mother. The attitude of the public to the heirs of the famous actress is ambiguous. Stanislav Sadalsky and does believe that they earn on the relationship with the people’s artist of the RSFSR.

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна“The first abandoned mother, told the Kyiv court publicly that they want to live with grandma and dad. Then how much we hated mom went to the interior Ministry, wrote to parole her daughter for drugs… Gratitude?! Came to her grandmother with a friend from prison and robbed the woman. The second daughter any day not worked in my life, my mom bought two apartments in Shuya and in St. Petersburg at the Kazan Cathedral. Given a house in the suburbs… No word of gratitude,” – said the actor.

In October in the center of the scandal was suddenly the son of Mary Shukshina Makar. His pregnant mistress Freya silber stated that he allegedly laid a hand on her and kept it a banned substance. “I’m in shock from what was happening. But now there is a check in the police. Once the results are known I will call. Prior to the announcement of the results, it is all speculation (to put it mildly),” said the mother of Makar. Became known the dirty details of the past of the chosen son of Maria Shukshina

Dissatisfied with the jury on “Minute of glory”

Скандалы года: истерия вокруг Шурыгиной, внебрачный сын Мишулина и развод Джигарханяна

The spring editions of “minutes of glory” is still remembered by a wider audience thanks to two major scandals provoked by the project’s jury – Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner. First, the actress was hurt eight-year-old Victoria Starikov from Nizhny Novgorod, who performed the song Zemfira “Live in your head”. According to Renata, the one presented is too “adult” song. Upset Starikov cried, and at Litvinov, many were attacked in the social networks.

After some time, the show was attended by the dancer Evgeny Smirnov, who in 2012 lost his leg after a terrible accident. The man danced without the prosthesis, which has caused controversy among Litvinova and Posner. Renata called Eugene “an amputee”, and Mr Putin felt that Smirnov is impossible to objectively assess. The statements of the judges provoked outrage viewers. As a result, Posner has had to settle a scandal. Many felt that the host was forced to apologize, although he explained his behavior otherwise.

“Matilda” By Alexei Uchitel

Drama by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, which tells the forbidden love story of Nicholas II and the ballerina Kshesinskaya, became the most discussed film of 2017. Long before the premiere of the picture’s most ardent critics have called to ban it. Among the most active opponents of the tape was the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya, known for its veneration of the last Russian Emperor. The politician stated that “Matilda” offends the feelings of believers, and put a lot of effort to display the works of Teachers has not taken place.

Despite heated public debate, the premiere of the drama took place in October last year. The largest number of cinemas have refused to show “Matilda”, which was seriously hit at the box office. According to “IMDb”, they are estimated to be approximately $ 9 million, which is almost three times less than the budget of the film.