Scandalous video of Olga Buzova has caused a flurry of indignation

Скандальное видео Ольги Бузовой вызвало шквал негодования
Olga Buzova no seriously agitated and angry subscribers with a new video.

Скандальное видео Ольги Бузовой вызвало шквал негодования

In the short video, Olya talks about how good the new cream of a famous brand.

“As always @mixit_ru creates masterpieces. Thank you for not forgetting to send news, I’m excited. I say honestly”

– says Buzova in the video. But markedly, that it clearly reads advertising text, what, in the opinion of the followers that makes this a very, very bad.

“Just have something to sell”

“Honestly? Then why yourself didn’t you? And read everything, but still stuck!!!”

“Some rutting. who would believe it?”

“Olga… better sing. For acting two

– outraged fans of solo career Buzova and are not fans of advertising. Well, advertisers also want to hear the text that they approved, Olga, apparently, simply did not have time to learn, busy man.

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