Scandalous star of “House-2” Alexander Gosias decided to re-plastic

Скандальная звезда «Дома-2» Александра Гозиас решилась на повторную пластику Ex-member of telestroke change the shape of the nose. Alexander Gosias confessed followers of the microblog, which is not shy to talk about surgery to your body. Soon the woman will have to face another.
Скандальная звезда «Дома-2» Александра Гозиас решилась на повторную пластику

In pursuit of the perfect appearance, the participants of the TV project “Dom-2” often go under the knife. Despite the fact that Alexander Hosius left the show a few months ago, she was no exception. The brunette told fans that soon going to do a rhinoplasty.

This is not the only medical intervention of a young mother – Alexander regularly tries to contact the experts to maintain the beauty. The woman admitted that it is not complex in this occasion, but on the contrary, willingly shares with podeschi details of various procedures.

“I am what I am! And like myself! That’s why I made the Breasts sit in the sunroom constantly, shaking lips. I’m going to do the nose, and then it seems to me that butt is too small! Who thinks that? Write, maybe something else will fix it!” said Hosius.

However, the idea of pet fans is not supported. They noted that the woman looks fine and without surgery. Users of the social network advised the star telestroke to think again before going to the surgical center. In addition, the followers questioned the self-assessment Goias, alluding to the fact that satisfied people will not improve themselves with a knife.

“Are you crazy? You look awesome!”, “Figure top!”, “Such a doll”, “Weird: you write that like herself, but much changed. When people like myself, they do not want to change”, “you Have my nose and ass are beautiful! I do not recommend”, “I Like myself such what is, would not changed”, “you Look great! Why are you doing this?” – wrote in comments to the post concerned.

It is worth noting that the newly-made husband of Alexandra Konstantin Ivanov – support the brunette. He is completely satisfied with the appearance of the beloved. This man repeatedly said and in the perimeter of the “House-2” and the account “Instagram”, which often publishes photos of the second half.

Recall that a week ago, the couple formalized the relationship. The couple married in Moscow Barvikha, gathered at the feast most relatives and people. The bride was dressed in a fitted white dress with train and open back, and the groom chose a suit and bow tie. For both the marriage was the second in a row. Scandalous star of “House-2” Alexander Gosias married