Скандальный развод Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд: что на самом деле к нему привело The Hollywood stars met on the set of the film “the Rum diary”. Despite the fact that amber heard had previously been in a relationship with a girl, she was unable to resist the charm of the actor, and between Depp and sexy blonde broke novel.

      Скандальный развод Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд: что на самом деле к нему привело

      Over the years johnny Depp was considered a loyal family man who never parted with the civil wife and mother of his children Vanessa Paradis. But that all changed in 2011, when the actor met with a striking amber heard. They were working on a film “the Rum diary”. The young actress has made Depp a lasting impression, and he decided to leave the family.

      “When I first saw amber, it seemed to me that in front of me came to life Lauren Bacall, star of Hollywood’s Golden era,” Depp shared his first impressions from the meeting with the young star.
      Скандальный развод Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд: что на самом деле к нему привело

      At that time amber was in a relationship with a girl, French fashion model Marie de Villepin. A famous actor for a long time cared for the herd, so she couldn’t resist. Johnny had to leave the family and the mother of his children Vanessa Paradis. French actress reacted to the choice of a husband with understanding and Depp have kept her with respect and good relations. The actor did not bother about the age difference of 22 years with a new wife, they got along very well with each other and did not pay attention to judgmental looks.

      “If I was afraid that my life will be scrutinized under a microscope, I would have stayed home in Texas,” said amber in an interview.
      Скандальный развод Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд: что на самом деле к нему привело

      In 2013, for Christmas johnny Depp invited the lady to become his wife. Hurd received a gift diamond earrings, necklace and ring worth 50 thousand dollars. Beloved and I got engaged, but the wedding did not think. Only two years later, in February 2015, Depp married his fiancée.

      The formal procedure of marriage registration was held in Los Angeles. Then the numerous guests gathered on the ocean on the private island of the actor little Hills Pony Cay, in the Bahamas, where the couple sealed their Union wedding vows and hot kiss. The bridesmaids were dressed in outfits, Nude, and the bride chose a white dress from flying and translucent fabrics, as well as a long veil. Johnny Depp got married in a Tux and black trousers. “Guests vacationed on numerous beaches, doing snorkeling and were treated to dishes prepared by the chefs. Reigned around festive atmosphere,” – said one of those present at the wedding guests.

      Скандальный развод Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд: что на самом деле к нему привело

      After a couple of months amber and johnny in the role of spouses in the press began to appear reports that their relationship is crumbling due to the fact that the actor drank excessively. “Amber is always worried about him. It may be several days not to call and not to write to her,” said one source close to the family stars. The marriage of johnny Depp and amber heard is collapsing due to alcoholism

      In early 2016 the relationship between Depp and heard at the time was warmer. According to several sources, the couple even planned to have a baby. However, the star couple confirmed this information.

      Скандальный развод Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд: что на самом деле к нему привело

      Just a week ago, the entire film industry was struck by the news that amber filed for divorce from Depp. The actress admitted that she had been beaten by her husband. She even showed the bruises on her face that she got johnny. Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO Snapshots of the hearing, where Hurd told about fights with Depp, quickly appeared online. After such statements of the actress, the judge decided to ban the star of “pirates of the Caribbean” to get closer to amber.

      According to insiders, the actors have long had difficulties in the family. “The relationship of johnny and amber have been nothing but endless drama. They can find a common language. They had a lot of problems long before the wedding, so they simply shouldn’t marry. They’re just not compatible,” said friends of the couple.

      Everything else, Depp’s mother Betty sue thought amber was a girl who treats her son like garbage, and married him only for money and advance your career. Hurd attempts to find an approach to the relative was not successful. Betty continued to consider the spouse of the son of the predator.

      Another reason that could get amber to go to court with the petition for divorce, could be jealousy. It is said that Hurd was unhappy as the husband looks on the actress MIA Wasikowska, who starred with him in the film “Alice in Wonderland”. Cause of divorce johnny Depp and amber heard could be another woman Behind the conflict in the family of actor watched colleagues Depp on the animated film.

      “Look amber, her husband graciously took too blatant adoration for MIA. Amber felt that MIA fell in love with their idol, and accused johnny that he allowed the relationship with my partner to go beyond the boundaries of father-child. In response, johnny called her a jealous monkey” – told employees of the crew.

      Version beating amber heard with each passing day looks less plausible. The police said they had not found any evidence that johnny was beaten wife. Besides, the actor was supported by his former civil wife, 43-year-old French actress Vanessa Paradis. She believes that johnny could not do that to amber. She suspected from the beginning that heard this marriage was needed for self-praise. “Johnny Depp is the father of two of my children, and it is sensitive, my loving and beloved man. With all my heart I believe that the recent allegations about him [charges amber heard] just outrageous. In all the time, which I know johnny, he never reacted with physical violence towards me, and it’s not like the person with whom I lived for 14 wonderful years,” said Vanessa. Vanessa Paradis came to the defense of johnny Depp

      The actor’s daughter from Vanessa Lily-rose said that the movie star was always a wonderful father who raised her right and younger brother. It showed in his microblog scene from childhood in which dad holds the baby’s hands and learn to walk.

      According to representatives of the actor, the information heard is wrong and has nothing to do with reality. Girl wants to compete with johnny for his millions. Depp hopes for a speedy settlement of the conflict, and no plans to respond to the allegations of the wife.

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