SCANDAL: Yulia Menshova with colleagues was accused of “venality”

СКАНДАЛ: Юлию Меньшову с коллегами обвинили в «продажности»
Eduard Uspensky addressed to the stars of show business with an open letter.


The scandal, which began in early April for the premiere of new series “Buttermilk” is gaining momentum. As it became known, Eduard Uspensky has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office with the intention to protect your copyright. 80-year-old writer insists that he was against shooting the sequel of “Buttermilk”. According to the statement of the assumption of the right to cartoon characters belong to him and could not be used without his consent. He accused the leadership of “Soyuzmultfilm” in collusion with the company “Danone”, which for several years was also allegedly illegally uses the image of a cat of Matroskin on their products.

“Released a new series represents a gross refining my works, contains borrowing of scenes, texts, and created my character. The illegal release of the film carried out in collusion with the company “Danone” (which belongs to the Cypriot company) is financing criminal activity in violation of my copyright. Actually due to public funds will be advertising for a private company to increase revenues of its foreign owner,” reads the statement of the assumption.

In addition, Eduard Nikolaevich encourages actors to voice the new series of “Buttermilk” to refuse cooperation with the “Soyuzmultfilm”. However, he has no illusions that Julia Menchov, Ivan Okhlobystin Garik Sukachev go for it. He ironically noted that the main problem for the contemporary stars in such a situation not to sell too cheap.

“I want to thank you in advance, if you have enough strength and dignity to refuse further participation in this failed project. Of course, I understand that you are young and famous, is now much more difficult to live in our country than I did after the seventh chemotherapy course. And possibly worse. But if your financial situation does not allow you to opt out of participation in the redistribution and reassignment rights, please do not produites for 30 pieces of silver. Ask at least 35” — quoted an open letter to Eduard Artemyev.

At the same time, representatives of “Soyuzmultfilm” insist that the rights to cartoon characters owned by the Studio. According to available information, in total it is planned to create thirty new episodes of the “Buttermilk”. Episodes will be released monthly until 2020. The premiere of the second series will take place in early may.