Scandal! Yana Rudkovskaya was shocked by the story about the upbringing of the younger son

Скандал! Яна Рудковская шокировала рассказом о воспитании младшего сына
The web was much discussion of the “dark room” and “belt”.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya gave
interview to the General Director of the radio station “Silver rain” Natalia
Sindeeva. Speech including went and about parenting. Told Yana has caused a strong reaction in the Network space. Many Internet users
shocked by growing the youngest son of producer — five year old Alexander
Plushenko, born married to Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko. Other
think that Yana goes absolutely right.

“I have a child — athlete — says Jana. — First,
Sasha trains. He has three ice per day. Plus the choreography, plus the PFD. It
there, the child is already leaving at 09:15, 09:15 it’s already to warm up accordingly
4 he only finishes. Then he goes to school. Yes, it’s a big load.
How is he different? I have an example – education Genis from his mom, which I
told me how she raised him. To be the best on the planet, it is impossible
child to spare. You may come to regret when he’s sleeping!”

Review Rudkovskaya to the question Sindeeva, if Yana wants to
son was the best on the planet or he wants, was, according to some
listeners of the radio station is highly controversial: “You can regret it when
he’s abrasions, a broken knee, to kiss. Feel sorry for the boy. I want
my son has grown a man, a real man! Kiss and say that there
here there is everything. When he stands, you need to be direct and say that you
today have to train a lot, not
to sum up dad, not to upset the coach, to be the best
. He’s sitting with the Pope, and
came the girl that rides with him. And said, “I took second place”. And
he says to her: “For me second place
it is a loss, why I exercise so much”
. Yes, we tell him. It
really, really a child of five years, really now charged on the
to become a champion. Yes. Well, why then? Wait, what
the goal then is to give the child to sports? Purpose for what? So he just
to go hang out?”

“…We have no
this little pluti-pluti, titi-titi, and so on. Will I have a girl, maybe
will be different — continues Rudkovskaya. — The first competition of the accredited
now 37 cameras. Only 4 Japanese channel accredited at its first
competition. What do you think, of course, he can’t be bad!

Jan believes that because of the scandals with her ex-husband Victor
Baturina parenting older children can be considered very successful, so
the youngest son, she has a slightly different approach. “Sasha is just the formula of education
today. Yes, me and many blamed for excessive rigidity
of course, when I gave an interview here recently, and there are 156 references in the Internet
as Yana Rudkovskaya cruelly brings up the Gnome Gnomic that the penalty is not
only deprivation of toys, but the dark room and strap“.

Sindeeva when asked if it’s true, Jan clarified the situation. “But
strap was showing. Well, of course I said it in an interview. Sasha just sat there
next, came the interview, and the journalist was interviewed. And he says: “And as you
mom and dad are being punished? Can you tell me? Can I ask him?” I say:
“Please, let him tell you how he is punished”. And he said, “Yes,
I put in a dark room in the closet first”. So, strap. I said, “But
just show you!”. Well, there once Jack took the belt and there is a little bit
Pope. But it is not this belt! It is a small thin belt. And what from this? And
what?! And my parents in room put in the dark, and the belt is applied, and
home arrests was! I have a child in the form of awarding is 30 minutes a day
to see a movie. But he cherishes these 30 minutes! He is waiting for the 30
minutes! Every toy that he earned himself, it is his individual
place. All he give, these toys attitude is. But the fact that he
make it saints toys because he earned it himself. He rode in
the show received toys. That is, here we can talk about anything but that
child motivation in sports, you can not even doubt. That you’re just not
saw other schools! That’s just mom other not seen! I’m just an angel
compared to other parents in the sport!”