Scandal “Ural dumplings” with the former producer has received a new round of development

Скандал «Уральских пельменей» с бывшим продюсером получил новый виток развития Opponents once again met in court. Sergey Nitievskiy continues to argue with the team “Ural dumplings” for the rights to the broadcasts of the show. The man stresses that colleagues had deceived him, having a decent amount of money.
Скандал «Уральских пельменей» с бывшим продюсером получил новый виток развития

Conflict between the team “Ural dumplings” and their former producer Sergey Nitievskiy continues for months. The parties were unable to resolve the problem yourself and appealed to the court.

June 19 in Moscow was held a regular meeting on the contentious issue of copyright on the 73 edition of the show “Ural dumplings”. In the end, the conflict was never resolved.

“The point in dispute is not yet delivered, the court of cassation dismissed the appeal Orlova E. A., and remitted the case for further consideration in the Arbitration court of Moscow. Original archival editions “show Ural dumplings” is still owned by the company which produced them in 2009-20015. OOO “obsessed media”. The dispute is about doubtful produced 80 editions-overtime “Ural dumplings – a Favorite,” – said the official representative Sergey Natascha.

A former producer of the band claims that Evgeny Orlov, working as a Deputy General Director of “obsessed media” has transferred the rights to 73 archival release in the company “Ural pelmeni production” for the low remuneration in the amount of 861 400 rubles for all programs.

Ten days later he signed a contract with broadcaster CTC to the stream of releases in the amount of 231 million 280 thousand rubles.

Sergey Nitievskiy believes that the eagles specifically cheated him by selling the rights to broadcast releases through a third party. The man emphasizes that this situation is just one of many in a series of conflicts between him and the team.

“This is a disputed transaction on transfer of rights to archive editions secret from Directors and shareholders – only one episode in a series of questionable actions on withdrawal of assets from the LLC “idee Fixe Media” Deputy General Director Evgeny Orlov in 2016 in favor of “Ural dumplings production”, where he later became Director. We are confident in our position and believe that Orlov E. And caused the production company “idee Fixe” Media damage. Waiting for the reasoned decision of the court of Cassation and will defend their legal rights,” explained Nitievskiy.

Apparently, ex-producer of the KVN team intends to continue to fight for their rights. However, Evgeny Orlov refuses to admit guilt. He is confident that he acted within the law and in the interests of “Ural dumplings”.

While the contentious matter is not delivered. Fans sincerely hope that the situation will not affect its creative activities. They suggest that the scandal around the “Ural dumplings” will end sooner or later, and the team will be able to fully work on the new releases show.

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