SCANDAL: Timur Kizyakov after Andrey Malakhov went to the channel “Russia 1”

СКАНДАЛ: Тимур Кизяков вслед за Андреем Малаховым ушел на канал «Россия 1»
“While all the houses” is no longer removed for the First channel.

Timur Kizyakov


A season of shocks on the First channel continues. Minus
Andrey Malakhov. Minus Alexander Oleshko. Now — minus Timur Kizyakov. Today it became known that the leading
the program “While all houses” ceased cooperation with the First channel.

Transmission, which was a symbol of Sunday
broadcast for nearly 25 years, now it will be aired on another channel. At
information new place of work
Timur Kizâkova was the channel “Russia 1”.

Interesting detail: Malakhov, and Dung left from the First
channel with their teams. And this is not surprising because the crew like
on families. In the case of Kazakovym — in the literal sense of the word. After all, the program
with him running and his wife Elena, which since 2006 led special
the heading “you will Have a baby”.

Apparently, care Kizâkova was planned, not by chance in the midst of
summer Sunday on the First channel there is a new program in the format
similar to “While all the houses”. The transfer of “Parole” where the stars come
of the first magnitude, leading Yuri Nikolaev. Apparently, in telecide this program is not accidental
set near “While all houses” — so the audience got used to the new show…