Скандал! У вдовы Сергея Бодрова украли полмиллиона рублей
Svetlana Bodrova became a victim of telephone scams.

Svetlana Bodrova

Photo: Facebook

The widow of Sergei Bodrov
Svetlana telephone fraudsters stole more than half a million rubles — 575
thousand. This amount was debited from the Bank card of the Director of the First channel
after a suspicious call. Bodrov has written a statement to the police and
blocked the card. According to the victim, yesterday at 12.30 on her
mobile phone received a call from the unknown man presented by the employee
the Bank where the applicant holds a savings account.

Telephone interviewee
Bodrova explained to Svetlana that the Bank is the reconstruction of the Internet service,
and she needs to call on the phone number of her card. After
the telephone conversation ended, the Director was charged the money. In fact
crime by law enforcement agencies is checked.

telephone scammers often use a similar scheme, in this case, criminals
act cleverly. Using modern technology and resources, attackers
make the phone number defined on the phone alleged
the victim, exactly matches the number listed in the contacts of the right Bank. It
therefore the people subsequently lost their funds, often do not hesitate to
give all the necessary information to violators of the law. About it representatives of the various
financial companies have been warning their customers.