Scandal: the son of Jean-Claude van Damme arrested!

Скандал: сын Жана-Клода Ван Дамма арестован!
Police arrested Nicholas for assault with a deadly weapon.

Скандал: сын Жана-Клода Ван Дамма арестован!

Jean-Claude Van Damme


son of Jean-Claude van Damme Nicolas

Nicholas van Varenberg, the youngest son of Jean-Claude van Damme, was arrested by the police in
Phoenix (Arizona). According to available information, he was charged with assault
with a bladed weapon and possession of a controlled substance.

This incident began with the kind of
would an innocent episode: the neighbors informed the police that one of the tenants in
rage pounds his fists on the walls of the Elevator cabin. When the patrol arrived at
the scene, Nicholas was already in his apartment. When the guards
I noticed on the floor, traces of blood, young man
explained that he had just accidentally cut my hand.

The patrol met its
explanation, and they left. Then Nicholas
attacked the neighbor, and, according to the victim, threatened to kill him with a knife.
“He’s got a knife to her throat and screamed that I had no right to let in the house
the police. I barely managed to persuade him to let me go, otherwise my mom
dad would soon be crying at my funeral!” — said neighbor of son van

To get away from Nicholas,
the victim called police, and those performing a search in the apartment of the son of the actor,
found mentioned above a large knife, marijuana and fixtures for use
other drugs. Van Varenberg has issued a formal charge, and he was
arrested. The hearing in court will take place on 30 September.

Recall that Nicolas
the youngest of three children of the actor. He was the son of Jean-Claude van Damme, real name
which is van Varenberg. Mother of Nicolas — model and actress Darcy La pier, the fourth wife of the actor, which he
he lived from 1994 to 1997.