СКАНДАЛ! Программой «Пока все дома» заинтересовалась Генпрокуратура
The Ministry said they are planning to check the actions of Timur Kizâkova and his team.

Timur Kizyakov

Photo: Press service

The state office of public Prosecutor of Russia has begun check
information of some Russian media, which reported possible violations
during the filming of the legendary program “While all houses”, released on the First
channel. About it reported in a press-service of supervising Department.

“The Prosecutor General’s office organized a check
information previously placed in the media on violations in the shooting
the popular TV program “While all houses”, — is spoken in the message. — Special
attention will be paid to the use of 110 million euros, according to media reports,
Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation on the production of commercials videopasportov
about children-orphans”, — stated in the message.

Recall that the program “While all houses”
won’t leave on the First channel, it became known in mid-August.
The representatives of the channel broke the contract with the company that produces the gear
and it turned out that this happened back in April 2017.

“After the financial scandal unfolded
around the project and its “sinovialnoj” heading on the eve of the New year, interest in
“While all the houses” fell significantly, the viewer may have lost part of confidence —
told 7days.ru source on the First channel. —
Needed urgent change, but to implement them was not
possible. Including the fact that get in touch with Timur Kazakovym was
impossible task: he lives out of town and rarely comes to the phone
almost never. The canal from the manufactures came ready records
esters, and producers, for example, was not able to pass wishes to change
the hero program or change of operator tactics”.

With the recent
time the First a new weekend program “Honest
the word” leads Yuri Nikolaev. Fans are carefully watching
the television transfers summer 2017, suggested that this transfer
is the grid place “While all houses”.

“It is not,
— says the source. — Preparing to air a new show, and it’s great.
The one secret you can reveal to the exit, is the fact that in
the frame will again be the star guests. The program Yuriy Nikolaev “Honestly” with
this transfer is not connected, separate projects”.