Скандал: дочка Майкла Джексона узнала о смертельной болезни матери из газет!
Paris Jackson had not seen mom in over a year.

Скандал: дочка Майкла Джексона узнала о смертельной болезни матери из газет!

Michael Jackson wife Debbie Rowe and children

A few days ago, foreign media reported the sad news: Debbie Rowe, ex-wife of Michael Jackson and mother of two of his children Paris and Prince, were diagnosed with cancer. Rowe confirmed the news, but I noticed that not going to give up and soon going to go to the hospital for surgery.

It turned out another sad fact: Debbie knows about his disease for some time, but her daughter Paris was not aware of the health of the mother, because more than a year ago broke up with her. So the girl found out the terrible news from the press.

Debbie was the wife of Michael Jackson for three years. They met in 1996 when she worked in the dermatology clinic, where he treated the singer. They married a year later and just three months later was born their oldest child Prince. And after a year came to light Paris. However, the family life of the Jackson and Rowe did not work, and in 1999 they divorced.

Paris Jackson’s mom Debbie Rowe

In the divorce, Michael had to convince Debbie to give him children in sole custody. There were rumors that he paid off Rowe. However, after Michael’s death in 2009, Paris and Prince resumed contact with the mother. And everything was fine until in 2014 that she is not thinking about to marry again.

The suggestion Debbie made by former Manager of singer mark Shaffel. But at about the same time Rowe had problems with health. Suspecting a cancer, she initially refused a Stamp. However, passing the examination and medical treatment, cheered and accepted his offer. “I’m sure children will not mark any problems. He knows them from early childhood, has always been our friend and has supported me in my grief!” said Rowe.

Alas, she was wrong. Paris has responded very strongly to the engagement of his mother, seeing in her actions a betrayal of the memory of dearly beloved girlfriend’s father. Since then their communication has come to naught. Perhaps at least now, Paris will forget their grievances and make peace with my mother, which really need the support…

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