Scandal: the beauty contest was judged by the guests

Скандал: конкурс красоты судили постояльцы отеля

In new Delhi the staff and the hotel was chosen “Mrs. Top of the World-2016” from a non-existent country.

The Contest “Mrs. Top of the World” is the next competition beauties participate in which girls from around the world. Under the terms, the contender for the top crown should be married and have children. Of course these were many, including among the Russians. From our country in the capital of India were just two girls – 32-year-old Elvira Ranger from St. Petersburg and 30-year-old Julia Saenko, TV presenter, wife of football player Ivan Saenko. First place went to Elvira.

Both girls are beautiful, decent, if not one big but. As it turned out, Elvira in the competition invited the organizers in advance and decided to give the girl a win.

That “Mrs. Top of the World” – that’s not a fair competition, and with pre-rigged results, said one of the jury members. Maria Eroschenko had to judge the contest from Russia, but when they realized what was happening, refused to participate in this farce.

According to Maria, no, the jury simply did not exist. On the eve of the contest the organizers hastily erected stage in a hotel out of the ordinary boards, drove to the hall of the hotel workers, they looked at the bewildered girls in swimsuits, and then Elvira Lesnichey presented the crown as the representative of the Northern Europe countries are known only to the organizers of the competition.

“Videos of the finals. You will see it first. Already so much has been said about the jury. On the official contest page in Facebook there was even an impressive list of names of those jury members who allegedly were present at the finals. See how it was really. The “jury” is not even blanks, no lead, no records, and how they behave when no one defile among participants there is no number plates on hand. Jury and guests – the same people living or working in the hotel. For the whole week of my stay I have not met anyone with whom I was supposed to judge the contest, and remaining the only invited member of the jury. By the way, all the intermediate contests before the finals, as there was no jury, no guests. The girls performed in front of the only photographer, and 2 organizers. Of course, they were supported by friends and a national Director participating, but none of them had anything to do with the jury. An hour before the finale, again, I publicly refused to be a judge for this contest. Although now everything is presented as what I was not supposed to be. Surprised if now someone that the crown was a party, personally invited by presidents and representing country, which is not on the map, which has no emblem, no flag, no government?” – I wrote to Maria.

#part1 I shot this video at the world final of the contest “Mrs.Top of the World”-2016 in India, new Delhi. Unfortunately, this competition was more like a small-town contest “Miss hotel” Seeing the whole organization with my own eyes, I refused to judge a competition of this level though went to India as priglasheny member of the jury. Anyway, let’s keep it in this evening, on the conscience of the presidents of this “contest” beauty. #mrstopoftheworld2016 #concertvideo @mrs.top_world #nationalregister #konkursanty #nationalinitiatives #maneeratana #concertvideo #concentratively #mrstopworld #mrstopworld2016 #brautypageant #crown #scandinature #standardaccording #concorsuali

Video published Maria_Eroshenko (@maria_eroshenko) 13 Nov 2016 10:55 PST

Meanwhile, the contest organizers of all charges in the address deny and insist that the refereeing was fair, but Mary just don’t understand it all.

After a series of incriminating videos posted Eroschenko, representatives of “Mrs. Top of the World” threatened the girl with a court.

“Participants must make their way to the venue. Only provided accommodation and meals. However, after our videos and photos we were threatened that if we continue to pay for accommodation and food will have to pay yourself. It is about 1000 dollars per person. Then all threatened with court. We have stated that we are not afraid of anyone, say what I think,” she said in an interview with “”.

In what will result this scandal is not clear yet. The winner of the Elvira head Forester in his own right to the crown no doubt, and continues to give interviews.