Скандал: Тейлор Свифт почти полгода обманывала жениха!
Mystery of the swift novel of the singer.

Taylor swift and Calvin Harris

Photo: Instagram.com

The reporter of a popular overseas edition managed to find out
scandalous fact. Turns out Taylor swift for several months
cheated on her boyfriend Calvin Harris! There were witnesses who saw
as they flirted with each other back in February.

At first, everyone thought that the novel of the singer with her new boyfriend Tom
The hiddleston began in early June, when Taylor suddenly decided
to terminate their relationship with Harris. Then came the “compromising” footage, taken in early may at the Met Gala ball, where swift and Hiddleston were dancing together,
many suspected that their relationship started already. But it turned out that
their affair began even earlier, when they met in February at a charity
the event in new York.

Now everything fell into place. Turns out their novel for almost six months, and therefore, there was no “hurricane” of events. Because first of all wondered
how could it happen that in
a few weeks after the beginning of relationships, new lovers not only
they were inseparable, but had
to introduce each other to your parents? Moreover, they are so not tried
to hide their feelings, that someone questioned the reality of their romance. Detractors
whispered that their relationship is just a publicity stunt. So Hiddleston, not having habits
to talk about his personal life, even had to make a statement: he and Taylor
– do couple and they are very
happy together. What can not be said about the abandoned singer Kelvin.

Ex-boyfriend Taylor just pissed off. Not only that, the singer
allegedly left him “on the phone”, not giving a personal meeting. As
if it was not enough that swift did this just a week after he
had an accident and got her injury. So now it turned out that she
several months cheated on him with Hiddleston…

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