Scandal: shooting the sequel of “Sex in the city” derailed

Скандал: съемки сиквела «Секса в большом городе» сорваны
The culprit is named the performer one of the main roles

Shot from a film “Sex in the city”


Fans of “Sex and the city,” disappointed. It became known that the shooting
a new third kinosikvela cult
series cancelled irrevocably. And the reason for the collapse of the project was categorically
the refusal of the 61-year-old actress Kim Cattrall to get back to playing glorified its role.

Sad news announced Sarah Jessica Paker, who played in the franchise
Carrie Bradshaw. Appearing with her husband Matthew Broderick on
a charity event in new York city, Sarah said: “it’s All over. We do not
going to shoot this film…” the news was a complete surprise, because the work
the film was already in full swing. In particular, there were already completely ready
script. “I’m terribly disappointed. It was wonderful — funny and at the same time
a touching scenario…” commented Parker.

As for the reason why it was decided to cancel
shooting, there are two versions. As colleagues say Kim Cattrall is
happened because of it. Kim allegedly told the producers that did not sign the contract, if
Studio Warner Bros, engaged in the production of the sequel to “Sex…” will not take
the obligation to remove a number of other movies involving the actress.
And being refused, announced its withdrawal from the project.

However, cattrall itself, categorically rejects such a charge. “The only
what I required is to leave me alone!” she said. And said,
what about his strong reluctance to star in the new “Sex in the city”
in the last year.