Грандиозный скандал: в сексуальных домогательствах обвинили самого  президента «Оскаровской» Киноакадемии!
Police have launched an investigation into the indictments.

John Bailey


As reported a press-the Secretary of the American Academy,
awarding “Oscars”, the company’s President, John Bailey became involved in the case of
harassment. Bailey complained immediately three women. But their names are still kept
the secret — in the interests of the investigation. Bailey has been at his post for very long: it took
only last August, when he was elected to this position. Now Bailey is likely to be suspended and his place will be Vice-President Louis Burwell. And
next summer, during the next elections, will determine the new President.

A report about the allegations against Bailey has made
the scandal: after all, the members of the film Academy has positioned itself as
the most active fighters against harassment.
No further, in December last year, it was announced that from now on any
member, if he sullied himself with suspicion in the “harrasment” is a disgrace
excluded. But nobody expected the accused will be the Chairman of the…

However, it seems that this “immunity” no
anyone. In a scandal that began with revelations Harvey Weinstein already
involved as defendants, dozens of leaders of the film business, including such respected
until recently, people like Dustin Hoffman, Sylvester Stallone, Geoffrey rush…
Not to mention woody Allen, in respect of which, in the Wake of the scandal, was “reanimated”
the old charges, refuted at the time, police investigation.

As for the culprit of scandal —
Weinstein, he seems to live his last days in freedom. As reported
the representative of the police Department of new York, the collection of evidence in his case almost
completed and police are preparing to arrest him.