Скандал: Романа Полански исключили из Киноакадемии
Oscar-winning Director caught the “aftershock” story with Weinstein.

Roman Polanski


The famous Director Roman Polanski, winner
many awards, including “Oscar” and “Golden globe”, is excluded from
Kinoakademii. The reason for the decision was the history more than 40 years
ago. We are talking about charges of sex with a minor, extended
against him in 1977.

The lawyer said the 84-year-old Polanski is Harland Braun, the news
the exception was saddened by his client, who was a member of the Academy almost
a half-century. Polanski believes the decision is not only unfair but
adopted in violation of all the rules of the Academy. After all, he was not even given
possible, as it should be in accordance with the Charter of the organization, to speak
in my defense. And now Polanski requires that decision was reversed: it
wants fair trial of the charges.

However, actually, even if the demand
the Director will be satisfied, to carry out his venture he will not be easy. After All, Polanski
left America in 1978. Interestingly, Samantha Gamer — girl, the victim
from the alleged actions of Polanski, has long become an adult, not just
officially declared that he forgave the Director. However, despite this, if
Polanski returns to the United States, he will be arrested. Although, of course, the Director may assign
speech in his own defense lawyer. What decision will be made on this
issue, time will tell.

Incidentally, the scandal with the exception Polanski far
not accidentally, broke out now that have been raging passions around the history,
started with Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual harassment. This
history has produced a kind of “Domino effect” when similar complaints on other
figures show business followed one after another… The saddest part of all this is that now real or imaginary victim simply “declare” on
his abuser. And recognize automatically guilty, even before
proceedings. So now no one in Hollywood can’t feel safe.