Scandal on TNT Olga Buzova sues colleague

Скандал на ТНТ: Ольга Бузова подает в суд на коллегу
TV star caught Timur Batrutdinova a lie.

Скандал на ТНТ: Ольга Бузова подает в суд на коллегу

Andrey Skorokhod

Photo: @glebati_official Instagram Globate

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova is preparing to sue Andrei Skorokhod (Glavati) for public insults. Resident of Comedy Club have put “like” on a comment in social networks, where the star of “House-2” was called obscene words, and then he spoke uncomplimentary to the address of Olga and her fans. “Street dog Gabati shook the coat to shake off the fleas that he picked up on the street Buzovaya 86… — he wrote in the social network. — Thanks to all for the mood. To laugh at the poor is one of the oldest pastimes. Thank you for allowing me to experience this animal sense of superiority. If everyone around is sick with plague, and you’re healthy and not get sick. I feel like a God on this background, all IPR!” Buzova, for many years maintained friendly relations with the participants, waiting for someone from the resident stand up for her. But no one came to the defense of Olga. Then she announced the intention to independently investigate Gibati in court.

“I have no protector. Am I the only one. And all the problems solve itself. Today one “nepomuscene” with which we work on one channel allowed publicly to insult me. Unfortunately, those whom I thought were friends of gum had no effect on this situation. So I will solve it through court. Call me Hor**y and insulting my fans, calling them scum and dogs I will not allow anyone. I can survive abuse, but their people I will not give offense to anyone,” wrote Olga.

This scandal, by the way, can put an end to many years of friendship Olga and Timur Batrutdinova. As became clear from the communication between two TV stars in social networks, Buzova personally approached him with a request to deal with Globate, but he intervened only after she threatened court colleague with TNT. Moreover, Olga Timur caught in a lie. Batrutdinov said that had no idea what passions are in social networks. However, according to Buzova, she sent him a private message immediately after the appearance of “likes” for offensive posts, but he ignored it.