Скандал с Ольгой Бузовой во Владикавказе получил продолжение
The organizers of the concert of the singer fear for her life.

The poster of the concert of Olga Buzova in Vladikavkaz

Photo: Instagram

In the middle
APR name Olga Buzova became more likely to appear in the scandalous headlines
online media than on concert posters. The incident occurred between the singer and the main
coach of Russian national team on free-style wrestling, part-time Deputy
Zambaleta By Tedeev. Then he made a statement deeply offended
Olga. The man was opposed to the singing, the presenter gave a concert in

who also engaged in political activities, called “unacceptable
the performance of the newly minted singer, the leading “House-2″ on the Ossetian land.” Olga
Dzambolat invited to his concert and hinted that waiting for him is not empty

head coach of Russia’s freestyle wrestling and the Deputy of the Parliament of Northern
Ossetia Dzambolat Tedeev, the first thing I want to tell You, I love the sport of wrestling
and I admire the fighters, because in this sport, always only real men
that his words will not climb! — says Buzova. — Thank you
raise them as such. I once was in Vladikavkaz and know your country
very hospitable, so your words are only insulting your beautiful
people, famous love visiting Ossetia. In Vladikavkaz I have a very
a lot of fans, with whom I look forward to meeting! I was told
the organizers that the concert did not get tickets and I was in your capital waiting for
sold out. I don’t know, maybe the fact that you are unable
to purchase a ticket for my wonderful show “the sound of kisses,” you were so upset,
that you decided to contact the organizers with the requirement that violates the laws and
the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I like a girl who understands your situation
ready to personally invite you to his show “the sounds of kissing” Vladikavkaz 29
APR. I’ll wait for you and remember: I love roses. And all others wishing to
to draw my attention to myself I want to advise not to do stuff and not
to decide for the people, to whom and where to go. Just remember that it is a violation of the law,
so, you’re a criminal. With love and kindness, Yours Olga

Apparently, the words of TV presenter and singer did not convince the Deputy. The closer the date
the concert, the more aggressive steel behave antiphonary singer. If they had
pouring out his indignation on social networks, now moved on to damage
banners with her picture and started to cut out on poster eye photos Olga.

This behavior of young people forced
the organizers of the concert to think about. This is not surprising: after all, aggressive
minded detractors can arrange a provocation by the arrival of the singer and
the concert itself.

Concert in Vladikavkaz had to cancel. Producers
decided not to risk it and move it in Yessentuki in Stavropol region, where so
was scheduled concert on April 28. But now he will be twice – still 29
APR. There is a decision to organize the delivery of fans Buzova from North
Ossetia in Essentuki bus.

Fans of the singer will take to get there and back
free. The trip takes about three hours one way.