СКАНДАЛ: Никита Джигурда потребовал отменить его развод с Мариной Анисиной
The actor wrote the application for the annulment of the judgment for dissolution of marriage.

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Denisova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Today Nikita Dzhigurda wrote a statement about the cancellation
a court decision on divorce with Marina Anisina those. To do this, he promised 9 more
December, when the court took into account the testimony of the American notary
the authenticity of the will Ludmila Bratash — godmother Mika-Angelo Krista, son of the star couple, who died tragically earlier this year. her will was made in favor of the family Dzhigurda and
Anisina those. The actor was glad that he gets part of the goodly heritage. However, he forgot that the court has not yet issued a final decision on this
the question of deferring the announcement until 20 December. In order for something to qualify, the Chair should
to be legal guardian of their children, and after divorce they automatically became Marina Anisina.

Hence the desire of Nikita Borisovich to cancel the divorce, he decided to appeal the decision
court and filed an appeal.

The chair is confident that, despite his sexual relations with Lyudmila Brats, Marina Anisina he will understand and

We will remind, on November 29 the magistrate court plot №100
Court of the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region satisfied the claim of the Marina
Anisina those and announced the marriage of Nikita Dzhigurda and figure skater terminated. As
causes athlete called “the irresponsible attitude of the husband to the family.”

According to the marriage contract concluded between spouses
all marital property is now owned by Anisina those and
Morrice children: son Mick-angel Krista and daughter Eva-Vlad.

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina have decided on divorce not just once. In February 2015 two stars announced the intention to leave and to fix this fact in the required documents. However
then out of the chair very quickly caught on and in the court refused to divorce, admitting that he had taken the decision to divorce “on emotions”. This time the process managed to bring to a logical end.