SCANDAL: Nastassja Samburski declared war to Andrey Malakhov

СКАНДАЛ: Настасья Самбурская объявила войну Андрею Малахову
The actress called the entire team of the show “Let them say” scum.

СКАНДАЛ: Настасья Самбурская объявила войну Андрею Малахову

At Nastasya Samburski, it seems, has a new enemy. Actress in disgrace got himself Andrey Malakhov and his colleagues on the project “Let them speak”.
The scandal occurred after the editors of the transmission Nastasia invited to participate in the show: the actress refused to. Apparently, she was announced a touchy subject, because after
the editor asked the reason, he received a “firm” response Samburski. “I’m afraid if I participate in a g***not? Yes I *** (spit) like you
scum feeding on grief and personal life, which in my
look, untouchable, if the person just doesn’t want to tell in
publicly! Leave alone my friends and family! What do you
need? You little stories about monsters, scoff at people and other chickens,
which is something to brag about? Why do you need my life? Freaks! I work and anyone
do not touch, do not rape kittens and are not satisfied with drunken fights and rude only to those,
who does not behave in the most dignified way with me! says Samburski. Now
they’ve been calling my friends and saying I’ll be there, misleading them!
Guys, in no case do not go to him live! I never don’t show up
but if you show up, it will cease to exist for me”.

Recall that under the hot hand of the controversial Actresses at different times got
Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, Maxim Fadeev, Olga Buzova.