Scandal! Nargiz Zakirova publicly insulted a famous producer

Скандал! Наргиз Закирова публично оскорбила известного продюсера
After the award “MUZ-TV” the singer “was attacked” Konstantin Pleskovo using profanity.

Nargiz Zakirova

Scandals in social networks after the announcement of the results
the award “MUZ-TV”, alas, have already become traditional. Many remember the “fight” between Philip Kirkorov
and Timothy, after which the representatives of the channel even decided to close the award. However,
thinking, weighing the “pros” and “cons”, the 2013 MUZ-TV announced a “reboot”
popular award and urged artists to keep up appearances. It did not help.

This year on opposite sides of the ring proved to be a popular singer
Nargiz Zakirova and producer Konstantin Boklevsky. Last commented on their page
social network on the topic of one of the nominations, which won the
Zakirova. “The winner in the category “best rock artist” awards “MUZ-TV”
became aunt Nargis — wrote Constantine. — Officially congratulate all of us with
the end of rock music in this country.”

It is quite possible that his post would cause such a wide
resonance, if not the reaction itself Nargis, which sharply negatively apprehended
the publication of the producer and answered him in a rude manner with
using foul language, which quote can’t.

“Swollen from hunger, son? — wrote the singer. — So to me
come to work! You @@@ my dog “produce”. It is about the present
rock tells. Without doing something to sit on? Is what hair bleach. Well
but in the meantime feast your eyes on my old fatal, or fatal @@PU!”

In a row between the producer and the star intervened
many Internet users and fans of the outrageous
the singer and her “haters”. One of them was Kate Gordon, erupted
a poem dedicated to the scandal.