SCANDAL! Nadia a Pen attacked and threatened to shoot

СКАНДАЛ! На Надю Ручку напали и угрожали застрелить
Popular singer remembered the shocking story.

Nadia Handle

Photo: Instagram

Nadia’s Pen last week
for the first time became a mother, in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories” he remembered a few
difficult stories from the past of the group “Brilliant”.

“I remember there was a case when on
the birthday party of a prominent businessman was literally under bullets, —
said the singer. — Drove up to the place where the event took place, I still
noticed that the artists ran out of there, not even greeting us.
Strange, I thought, like all your. Only when we entered the room, I realized what
business. Don’t know that this time was used by the host of the evening, but he eventually ran for
us with a gun and threatened to shoot them all.

On the stage we go out,
I turned around and left. The fight started, the businessman jumped on our
administrators, then rushed to our dressing room, said that all is now
will burn alive. Had run away from there. The group was then Nastya
Osipova, Anna Dubovitskaya and Yulianna Lukasheva. When I got in the car,
Ulasi terror paralyzed legs. The girls grabbed her by the loops on his pants and
sucked into the cabin. Such cases happened, but I can’t say that

The full interview with Nadia
Handle read in the September issue of the magazine “Caravan of stories”.