Scandal monarchs! Queen Elizabeth has decided to abdicate in favor of Prince William

Скандал у монархов! Королева Елизавета решилась отречься от престола в пользу принца Уильяма
The reason was the discovery of an illegitimate son the heir apparent is Prince Charles.

Скандал у монархов! Королева Елизавета решилась отречься от престола в пользу принца Уильяма

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge

Скандал у монархов! Королева Елизавета решилась отречься от престола в пользу принца Уильяма

Prince Charles

According to correspondents of the American
tabloid the Globe, Queen Elizabeth II firmly
determined to abdicate in favor of his grandson — Prince William. In
this edition appeared the article, the authors stated: they have
the information that on August 31 this
years Queen, April 21 marks the 90th anniversary, which is going to retire on
peace and to hand over the reins spouse Kate Middleton.

According to information of reporters of the “Globe”,
the reason for this decision monarch has been a recent scandal involving
the claims of a certain Simon Dorante-day, an Australian citizen. This man said,
he is the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. That is, parents
allegedly conceived him long before they entered into a valid marriage, and all the more
long before children were born to Charles from Diana.

Simon is a civil servant, which
until recently nothing unusual was noticed. His story is as follows:
he was adopted by a humble couple Karen and David Winframe. But it
the grandmother, who, as she claimed, was a servant in the Palace of the Queen, allegedly
told the boy a secret: he is the son of the heirs to the British throne, and should be
next in line to the throne after Charles.

Simon began to write at all
instance, requiring you to spend DNA-examination for the purpose of establishment of the relationship with
the Royal family, but no one took him seriously. And yet he found the court,
who decided to consider his case.
The Australian has no doubt in his victory.

Queen Elizabeth

This story got into the press
and, as it became known to correspondents “Globe”, the Queen was furious and declared that never
let Dorante-day in the future, ascended the throne. So she allegedly
decided to deprive of the right of succession of his son, and was going to do next
king Prince William. And that, in turn, will one day pass the throne to his
children, benefit of it there are two of them…

However, in this story
there are at least a few little
believable moments. First, Simon is now 50 years old, that is, if
67-year-old Charles his father, he had to conceive his child at the age of 17. And at the
he still was not familiar with Camilla. Their first meeting, according to biographers
Prince, took place when he was 23 years old. But even if we assume that Dorante-day — the son of the heir to the throne, why he kept silent about it for so many years, even after
how Charles and Camilla were officially married? And, finally, almost
it is impossible to believe that Elizabeth could make such a crucial decision,
based on the information gleaned from the tabloid.

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