SCANDAL: Maria Sharapova was accused of involvement in the conspiracy

СКАНДАЛ: Марию Шарапову обвинили в причастности к преступному сговору
Russian tennis player facing trial?

Maria Sharapova

Photos: @mariasharapova Instagram Maria Sharapova

Recently defrauded a resident of India — Agarwal Bhavana filed a complaint against Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova. The essence of the statement lies in the fact that our athlete was the “face” advertising campaign of residential complex “Ballet by Sharapova” in Gurgaon, the project which, as it turned out only now, it seems, and not planned for implementation. According to the statement of lawyer Bhavani, the developers didn’t have the view permission for the construction of the complex. But the company Homestead Infrastructure Development Private Limited willingly accepted large sums as investments in the project. For example, Agarwal was invested in the house at around 81 thousand dollars that she now asks to return.

“Sharapova not only supported the fraudulent acts of the defendants, and supported this project in the public eye, and therefore is a member of the conspiracy, —quotes the complaint of “Sport-Express”. —I was attracted by the fact that this project was supported by Sharapova. In the advertising brochure stated that there will be a tennis Academy, clothing stores and sporting goods!”

According to the statement of the lawyer defrauded of a sharer, Mary was personally present at the meeting with developers in 2013, which may indicate her involvement in the conspiracy. However, the wine Sharapova will be determined in court. Mary has thus far refused to comment.

“It is obvious that the tennis star gave his name to the project and even agreed to organize a tennis Academy and called her name. All this could not be done without the written consent of Sharapova – she has agreed to provide his name, which is an expensive brand. However, how deeply Sharapova was involved in all of this should become clear in the course of the investigation,” said lawyer Agarwal.