Скандал: Линдси Лохан заявила, что Тарабасов попытался ее убить!
Violent argument in the house of the actress concluded with a call to the police.

Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov

Photo: @lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan Instagram

Late Saturday evening the neighbors Lindsay Lohan
living near her London home, located in the district of Knightsbridge, was awakened by loud cries for help.

Actress, ran onto the balcony, desperately shouted: “He
tried to strangle me! He almost killed me! Please, please help!” Then
according to witnesses, on the balcony there was a man, which was identified
boyfriend of the actress, Yegor Tarabarova. “You have no right to do this, you
raised a hand to me and tried to strangle
me more than once. You’re a psychopath! You need a doctor! I don’t love you anymore. It’s over, get out of my house!” — continued Lohan
turning to him.

When on a scene there has arrived police, caused
someone from neighbors, and the doorbell no one answered, the guards had to kick the door in the house of the actress.
However, in her apartment they discovered no one. The door was repaired and built
in place. The story is told a popular British newspaper the Sun.

The above scene was a continuation of the story
started the day before. Then 30-year-old Lindsay on his page in the social network
accused her boyfriend of cheating. As previously reported, Yegor by unknown
reason, went to the club to party without Lohan and after that I came home
to spend the night. And girlfriend Lindsay also invited to the party, sent her
the video, which Egor vengeance had fun in the company of some blonde Bimbo. As
it turned out, this girl were familiar with Lindsay Lohan called her in one
their “posts” Dasha. Reporter of the website Hollywood Life claims that this beauty – Dasha Posevkina,
the famous London designer and friend Lindsay! Dasha was born in Russia, but
lives and works in the UK, where he heads the fashion house called PA5H.

Attempts by reporters of both Newspapers to communicate with Egor. To get
his comments about the incident yielded no result. After the scandal
Tarabanov chose somewhere to take shelter and not out on bond.

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