Scandal! Kim Kardashian in shame caught in a lie

Скандал! Ким Кардашьян с позором уличили во лжи
The reality star has already lost more than 100 thousand fans.

Kim Kardashian


The reputation of Kim Kardashian, one of the most popular
characters in Network, has been seriously undermined. And the reason for this
pictures of stars taken by the paparazzi a few days ago. For them, the reality star appeared is not the same
as in the pictures, which she posts in your microblog or those that
appear in glossy magazines. The fact that Kim, who is now resting in
Mexico, allowed photographers to capture their “main advantage”, thanks
which she actually became famous. And these shots are not Photoshopped,
caught in the net. And all could be convinced that the vaunted “loin” Kardashian does
not like a peach, covered in unattractive appearance of cellulite bumps!

Fans of 36-year-old Kim, feeling cheated,
was furious. “So, she tricked us! Her ass is just disgusting!” — wrote one of them. “Liar!” —
resented the other. And the fans in droves started to “unsubscribe” from
microblog Kardashian.

An additional portion of “the flames” was added by expert
plastic surgeon — Dr. Esho. He said that kind Kardashian back due to
the fact that it too often ran to the help of cosmetic surgeons. As explained
specialist, this effect usually occurs those who constantly uses so
called “Brazilian lifting”: when the fat taken from the hips, injected into

And Kim, who swore that her form —
exclusively of natural origin, was in a very awkward position. Of course,
before she believed not all. But now she has lost the trust of a significant
part of the army of their fans. “Now I hate to hear false talk about your
supposedly perfect body! Now I know that you don’t have anything
this!!!” — wrote one of them. They say the outrage of fans
Kardashian, splashed in the Network was so powerful that Kim even
confused. According to the website Kim became depressed and constantly