Скандал: у Джонни Деппа обнаружились многомиллионные долги!
The actor can take the property.

Johnny Depp


As stated by the representatives of the company TMG
many years ruled the finances of johnny Depp, who recently completed his divorce with amber heard, the actor’s finances are in
poor condition. According to managers, Depp owes them a multimillion-dollar amount. But
however, he is trying to avoid paying issued loans, he trying to sue their
creditors. About it reported the Internet-the edition contactmusic.com.

Managers Joel and Rob Mundell said in his court petition,
what are they, managing finances Depp for 17 years, all the while trying to keep him from wasteful and unreasonable
Trat (one of which was, for example, the purchase of the island). But the actor didn’t listen to them
tips, and by 2012 was on the verge of bankruptcy. He was unable to repay
they have a Bank loan in the amount of $ 5 million. At the request of Rob Mundell, their
the company provided the actor a loan of 4.2 million, so he could pay for a long time

However, the actor never returned the loan. Recently, in the midst of
his divorce proceedings, he, using the fact that the term of the next contract
with them has expired, changed managers. Now, Mandela asked the court to
to request to cover debt from Depp.

The most interesting thing about this story is that the actions
managers were a response to the filed the day before the claim of the Depp. In it the actor
claimed that his managers are scams. According to Depp, they fleeced
it for many years, but he learned about it only recently when they switched
specialists, managers of his finances. Moreover, johnny said that there was no
loan it from the company of Mandela, he did not. At the same time, Rob Mundell in his
the petition accused the actor that he is bluffing to save his house from seizure
for debt. Who is right really, to understand the court.