Скандал: Джонни Депп избивал Эмбер Херд!
Came to light the true reasons for the divorce of a Hollywood couple.

Скандал: Джонни Депп избивал Эмбер Херд!

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Splash News/East news

The last few days the Internet was full of speculation about the true
the reasons for divorce johnny Depp and amber heard. And then, finally, it became known that
really was the last straw in the relationship of a Hollywood couple who by many seemed an example of the perfect family. As
reported by the tabloid TMZ,
Amber filed a petition with the court to issue a temporary ban Depp as
she seriously fears for his life…According to Hurd, she is regularly subjected to domestic violence. She even
provided as evidence a photograph in which amber sealed
with a bruised face. Moreover, as she argues, it was not isolated
the case for short-lived family life actress with johnny when he lifted her

This came to light after amber appeared in court with bruises. The tabloid reports that the latest “incident” between spouses occurred 21 may — back home Depp brutally beat amber their phone. It is alleged that after the incident, johnny Hurd was offered money for silence,” but she, fearing for his life, ran away from home and the same day filed for divorce.

Photo submitted by counsel, amber heard

Photo: people.com

The details of the relationship of the star couple threw their fans into shock. Among the hypotheses about the reasons for divorce were, and hatred-in-law to amber, and betrayal, and accusations heard in the desire to “breed” Depp on the money. But this probably was not expecting anyone. The closest were those who saw the main reason for failed family life in drunkenness johnny. In recent years, he increasingly became the “drink” suddenly spoiled a career and worrying about a sick mother who recently died.

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