Scandal in the princely family of Monaco!

Скандал в княжеском семействе Монако!
Heir to the throne is expecting a child by a married man.

Скандал в княжеском семействе Монако!

Charlotte Casiraghi


Dimitri Rassam and Charlotte Casiraghi


Niece now
reigning Prince albert II of Monaco, Charlotte put the Grimaldi family in the not too
comfortable position. The fact is that how to learn Italian reporters
30-year-old granddaughter of grace Kelly is pregnant by French producer Dimitri Rassam,
who is legally married. Lovers
managed to get it on vacation in the Caribbean. And Charlotte is not even
trying to hide your already noticeably rounded tummy. This information appeared
in the Italian publication Chi.

As scout reporters
the newspaper, the novel of Charlotte and Demetrius began last year. At the same time,
the lovers did not stop the fact that Russ is married: his wife is the model of Russian
the origin of Masha Novoselova. Moreover, Charlotte was taken away from the family not just
someone else’s husband, but also father’s little Dasha his daughter from Novoselova.

The hero of the novel Charlotte — Dimitri — known producer, who had
to work with for over two dozen successful projects. However, photos of Rasama
began to appear in the French press, even long before he began his
career. The fact that he is his mother know all is a famous actress
Carole Bouquet.

As for Charlotte,
her daughter Princess Caroline, while she married was not officially. Not
prevented her to survive several violent novels, one of which actor
Gad Elmaleh,
she gave birth to her son Raphael. But if Charlotte herself
– eighth in line to the Monaco throne, Rafael cannot
claim the throne of this country, so the spacecraft was not born in lawful wedlock.