Scandal! Husband Kim Kardashian hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital

Скандал! Муж Ким Кардашьян госпитализирован в психиатрическую лечебницу
The reality star canceled all events with his participation.

It became known
about the sudden hospitalization of a spouse and father to children Kim Kardashian — Kanye West. According to the official
version, the rapper suffering from “severe nervous exhaustion”. But, as we found
to explore reporters on the Internet site TMZ, in fact everything is much worse.

It all started,
friends of 36-year-old Kanye noticed, it is very strangely behaved on your last
concert. According to another rapper — Snoop Dogg, speech,
which West said from the stage, like incoherent nonsense. In addition,
Kanye without explanation, interrupted his speech in just 30 minutes after his
start. And the next day the police received an emergency call from home personal
West coach Harvey Pasternak, which at the moment was Kanye. The caller said
the rapper behaves wildly and aggressively. However, arrived on the scene patrol immediately
decided that needed help, not police and doctors, and called an ambulance
psychiatric. What did Kanye not reported, but, according to
the publication, from the house of coach West was carried on a stretcher, strapped to it with
using special handcuffs…

At the time of the incident, the wife of Kanye — Kim
it was in Los Angeles, she flew to new York to take part in the reception dedicated to the memory of her father,
well-known lawyer, who died a few years ago. But after learning about
the incident, she’s canceled their participation in the event and immediately flew
back to be next to Kanye.