Скандал: Гуф прокомментировал свой роман с Кети Топурией
The details of the relationship between the two celebrities, which became the main newsmakers of the week.

Keti Topuria and Guf

Recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that the 30-year-old
the lead singer of A”Studio Keti Topuriya is Dating rapper Alex
By Dolmatov, known under the pseudonym of PFM.

A couple suspected in the novel after the Internet-the edition
life.ru has published a video allegedly of the joint activities of the singer and musician in

Serious scandal erupted around this story. Katie
desperately to justify himself, accusing of lying journalists. The singer says that her husband did not part with
With her body bound by ties of friendship since the days of the music video of the group Centre
and A”Studio for the song “Far away,” and photos to “walk” across the Internet
not sealed it.

Today I decided to comment the second part of this hot story. Gough wrote in his Instagram post, in which he said them
Katie binds only friendship and work.

“I don’t know how on this
to react. Journalists asked me to give some comments about this,
but knowing their ability to turn all, I do not come into contact with them. Feeding
them to court also does not make sense, they will still get out. I’d
again she said nothing, as she had done this a million times before but this time they
past is not only for me, — says the rapper. — We have a good rapport with Kathy, friends. But we don’t
so close to travel together to relax. And that we spent the rest
on one island, I found out only on arrival in Moscow, and some of them lousy
Wikipedia. I have great respect for Katie and her family. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to be
involved in this story. I, as a person and so not with the best reputation
such material can be even at hand, but could think of someone

Meanwhile, there are all new and new details. Recalling
on the inner circle, informed sources say that the affair Katie and Guf
lasts for several months. Claim that the filming of the clip “Away”
between Alex and Katie broke out the spark and friendship of the singer and rapper turned
something more.