Scandal! Gosha Kutsenko called Buzova not to sing

Скандал! Гоша Куценко призвал Бузову не петь
The actor published a post devoted to creativity of the singer.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: Instagram

Gosha Kutsenko
criticized the work of Olga Buzova,
published in Network, the so-called “fotozhabu”. The inscription under the photograph read: “Your
face when listening to Olga Buzova”. With hashtags, the actor explained his attitude to the star of “House-2”: #basavappa,
and others.

Under the post
Gosha real battle happened. Opponents
the art of Olga agreed with the artist and laughed at her, and supporters
defended their idol. “Where is the ten millionth audience, and where Gosha Kutsenko! I
it was considered normal! And he discusses girls! How low! She’s the first! It all
country loves! Are you unhappy with the circus, without which broke Olga!” “Why do you
hate her, but talking about it and follow her!” “Look, she
good song! If it’s someone else sang, for example, “Time and Glass”,
you would have applauded! You don’t like the song because Buzova don’t like! That
other songs now have meaning? Brad and pop! Oli’s got sense! The songs are great!
Now all sing under the plywood! I do not like — do not listen! It has been a favorite
business and learning to sing!” are the soft and innocent comments from the tape under
post Kutsenko. Olga, as always, left the events without attention.

By the way, this
not the first time that the stars bring down the wrath of fans Buzova. For example,
not so long ago about the criticism of the star Anastasia Volochkova spared. However,
the ballerina spoke negatively about the work of Olga and her figure. All
it began with the fact that in one of the pages in Instagram in the comments below
the picture Buzova Anastasia wrote: “where the feminine form?” Comment
Anastasia was seen by a huge army of fans of Olga hostility. A rose
in defense of Kim. Of course, followers Olga started in response to criticize
the figure of Anastasia, and they did it in a rather offensive manner.