Scandal: gay Germanika gave their newborn daughter a name and a patronymic

Скандал: Гай Германика дала новорожденной дочери свою фамилию и отчество
Star takes revenge on her ex-husband, who broke up during pregnancy.

Valeria Gai germanica and Vadim Lyubushkin

Photo: 7D

Today, at 16 o’clock 09 minutes Valeriya gay Germanika was born in
Moscow’s second daughter, who was named an unusual and beautiful name Severina. Logical
would assume that the full girl’s name will sound like Severin
V. Lyubushkin, by the name of her father.

However, the Director of the serial “School” has gone to tell his
friends that her second daughter’s name is so — Severin V. germanica. That is
star gave her daughter not only his surname, but a patronymic! Thus, Valeria
decided to deprive her ex-husband any connection with her daughter, except

The history of Gai Germanika and Vadim Lyubushkin was similar to one
from romantic fairy tales about love at first sight. They met in
the show “dancing with the stars”, which as a guest star was involved
the controversial Director. In July last year, the lovers got married soon
after that, it became known that Valery is expecting her second child (she already has
8-year-old daughter Octavia). But the family idyll was short-lived. Six months later
Gai Germanika and Lubushkin broke up.

Otkrovenija with your loved ones, Valeria admitted that
hastened to marriage, not knowing the past of the elect. And when it became
it is clear that her loved one is impersonating someone else, we took
the decision to leave and struck out Vadim from his life and from the lives of their future

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